Anonymous Community Reports

Please select the form that you feel is most appropriate.

Acts of bullying include verbal, non-verbal, physical or emotional acts against another in person or online.

Concern for self or others includes worries that yourself or someone might cause harm to themselves, or has expressed signs of mental health distress.

Discrimination or Harassment includes acts against another person on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or personal beliefs either in person or online.

Acts of sexual abuse, harassment, or assault.

“Threat or perceived threat” means any writing or action of a pupil that creates a reasonable suspicion that the pupil is preparing to commit a homicidal act related to school or a school activity. This may include possession, use, or depictions of firearms, ammunition, shootings, or targets in association with infliction of physical harm, destruction, or death in a social media post, journal, class note, or other media associated with the pupil. It may also include a warning by a parent, pupil

Tips can include safety concerns, witnessed acts, or other incidents that would otherwise indicate harm to those in or around the school.

If you have seen a vandalism or have tips related to a vandalism event at our site, please use this form to send us the information.